Living on our 622 acre lake can be an exciting experience. West Boggs Lake offers excellent fishing and recreational boating opportunities. Daviess and Martin Counties are beautiful places to live and provide the small town appeal while living within easy driving distance to some larger cities. Adjacent residents can enjoy access and the recreational opportunities of the property and its imperative residents understand the purpose and usage of park property.

Buffer Zone:

The Daviess Martin Joint County Parks Department owns the entire shoreline of the lake. This property is called a Buffer Zone and the purpose of this strip is to filter pollutants, sediment, and other non-desirable elements before reaching the lake. Adjacent residents are allowed to utilize this property to access their docks, boats, and lake. The Buffer Zone is considered public property and may be accessed by anyone with a park pass or usage permit. Alteration of the Buffer Zone is limited and must be approved by the park superintendent. Please contact the park for more information regarding the regulations of the Buffer Zone. Click HERE for Buffer Zone Policy.


Docks may be constructed along the shoreline of the lake. Dock placement may vary, but  attempt to locate the dock in close proximity of the property owner is considered. However, there are instances where the assigned dock location is a short distance from the private residence property line. Dock construction must be approved by the park superintendent prior to building. Dock owners that do not pay for the Buffer Zone usage and Dock fees will forfeit their dock. The dock may then be issued to another permit holder. Please contact the park for more information and regulations concerning docks.


Applications for usage of our property are available at the park office. Permit renewals are mailed out to past permit holders at the beginning of every year. Renewals should be submitted to the park by March 31st. Docks that are not renewed are considered open docks and could possibly be issued to a different permit holder.

The 2021 Rates are:

Special Use Buffer Zone Permit – $130

Dock Permit – $63

Annual Boat Permit – $68/vessel ($66 + $2 Lake Enhancement Fee)

Rates are subject to change annually.