Seasonal Site Departure Process

There are basically four rounds for our two different contact lists. The first contact list consists of people already in our Seasonal Program that are looking for a better site. The second contact list consists of people wanting to come into our Seasonal Program.

The Seasonal contact list – We are going to alter our process. When the Seasonal contact list is notified by mass email in either round, we will start a 24 hour time for interested persons on that list to notify the park of their interest in the open site. After 24 hours from the time the email was sent, we will then organize the callers by seniority and contact the individual(s) with the most seniority first. They will have 48 hours to make a decision. If they choose NOT to accept the site, we will move to the next individual(s) with seniority and they will have 48 hours to decide. We will move down this list until the site is accepted. If there are no phone calls in the first 24-hour time frame, then we will resort to a first come first serve process.

This will be implemented to assist the seasonal campers that have been here for several years and are looking for a more optimal site.

First Round:

Any interested party must purchase everything that the seller is wanting to sell and then rent the site from WBP. We will send the information out to the first contact list and they will have two weeks to respond. First come, first serve as long as they are willing to purchase what the seller plans to sell. If nobody in our Seasonal Program commits in two weeks, we will then contact the second list of NON SEASONAL individuals trying to get into our program. Once again, they have two weeks to purchase what the seller is willing to sell and rent the site from us. Interested parties have 48 hours to commit.

Second Round:

The second round is the same procedure with the two contact lists, however this time if people are interested in a site, they do NOT have to purchase any items on the site. So if current tenants are still wanting to depart and someone wants the site but not the items, the departing party needs to remove their items from the park so that the new tenants may occupy the site. The departing party will need to sell their personal items at a different location other than park property.

Calling our Gatehouse:

We will send out the email notice on Monday pertaining to any open sites. Interested parties must call the gatehouse 812-295-3421 and express interest in the correct site. For both rounds on the Seasonal List, person must call within 24 hours to be placed on a seniority list. Please refer to the information above for this process. This will also establish an order list for the Non Seasonal Contact list. The person that has first rights to the site has 48 hours to commit to accepting the site and finalizing any purchases with the current/departing tenant. After 48 hours, if the person examining the site does NOT want to follow through with the process, then the next person interested in this open site will have 48 hours to proceed. So on and so forth until the site is taken.

If items are sold in Round 1, then the parties have 48 hours to complete the transaction. All transactions/transfers for the campsite belonging to WBP, must take place in our office. Campers ARE NOT to take any payment on behalf of the park or site. People taking your site must pay our office directly for rent. Departing parties will receive a refund (if applicable) for the remaining time of the season. Please contact the Customer Service Manager for this transaction. 812-295-3421 or

Selling your items:

If you plan to depart from our seasonal program please contact either Jameson Hibbs or Ryan Bass. Please prepare a list of items you are wanting to sell with prices and details as this will save time for everyone. The seller has the right to stay firm on your price as the park will NOT dictate your prices. We ask that you do NOT include items such as golf carts and boats, as those items are easily removable from the facility. As people contact the gatehouse about your site, we will refer them to you for specific details. If someone from our list contacts you, there is 48 hours to develop a deal and commit to the transaction. Once again, this is ONLY for your personal items and the purchase/transfer of the actual site will involve park management. The departing tenant will receive a refund (if applicable) for the remaining time of the season.

Please advise after Round 1 if you have NOT sold your items you have a choice to make; You can either decide to stay and take down the For Sale signs, or if you still are determined to leave our program, you will need to remove all items from the site. You will have 14 days to complete this procedure as we will begin our Round 2 (see above for details)

Sellers please advise: If your items do not sell in Round 1 and you decide to stay in the facility, we will NOT allow you to make another attempt at this process for a minimum of four months. We will not allow people to only use Round 1 repeatedly in an attempt to sell their items. Tenants only have three attempts at this process before they will be asked to vacate their site permanently.

We will not allow anyone to use this process that has a balance due for their site rental.

At the end of the season, if a customer decides that they will NOT return the next season, we will NOT allow them to use this system in order to sell their personal items. If a customer decides NOT to return, they will be asked to remove their items from the site within two weeks after the park has been notified of their decision to depart.