Seasonal Site Departure Process

SEASONAL CAMPERS wanting to depart from the program must adhere to the following process. Anyone that does not follow this process will be terminated from the program with no refund. Any transfer of ownership against the following protocol will be void and both parties will be dismissed from the program.

When a camper decides to leave the seasonal program, they must notify our Customer Service Manager and sign our departure agreement. From the date this agreement is signed, the SEASONAL CAMPER will have two weeks to remove ALL of their personal property from the facility (personal items will NO longer be sold at West Boggs Park). At the end of those two weeks, the site should be free of any trash, lights, and/or any other personal property. Every day that the site is still occupied past this point the occupant will be charged a fee of $50 per day until the site is vacated. This fee may be deducted from any prorate refund available to departing party. Once the departure agreement is signed, if the departing party wishes to re-enter the program they will be subject to the lottery system as they will forfeit their seniority and will be considered a NON-SEASONAL from that point.

Once the site is vacated, the Customer Service Manager will send out an email notification to SEASONAL CAMPERS about the availability of an open site. SEASONAL CAMPERS will have 48 hours to respond via telephone. After the 48-hour deadline we will begin calls in order of seniority and each contact will be allowed up to a maximum of 48 hours to decide. If, at the end of that time, a decision has not been made or the individual has decided not to relocate, the next individual with seniority will be given the same opportunity and deadline, and so on down the list.

If a SEASONAL CAMPER commits to relocate they will be given two weeks to make the move from the time they sign the updated contract which must be done within the 48 hours provided for their decision making process (if the contract is NOT signed within 48 hours, the next person in line will be contacted). SEASONAL CAMPERS must adhere to the updated Seasonal Camping Agreement and Policies, (including that canopies must be removed from the old site and are not permitted to be relocated to the new site under the new agreement). They will be subject to the same $50 fee for every day after those two weeks that they have not completed the transition. In addition, once the transition is made, if park personnel are required to clean ANY portion of the existing site, a $100 fee will be administered. Once the transaction and move are completed the above process will begin a new for the newly vacant location.

If no SEASONAL CAMPER commits to relocate, the NON-SEASONAL contact list will be notified of the availability. All interested parties will be given 48 hours to call in to enter the lottery drawing for that specific site. Entry will be based on an application process and approved individuals will be entered into the lottery. All entered names will be drawn at a specified date and time. A live or recorded drawing may be posted on social media. Individuals drawn in this lottery system will be called in the order in which they were drawn. Upon contact, individuals will have 48 hours to make a decision on whether to take the open campsite. If the decision is no or after 48 hours, the next drawn person will be contacted. Names drawn out in this lottery system will be in order to create a list at a set date and time and given the same opportunity as the SEASONAL CAMPERS.
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